Why NestJS is The Best Node.js Framework for Microservices?

Javascript is one the popular languages of programming, therefore various projects choose Node.js as the backend, but which framework of node.js is useful for microservices?

Mohammad Yaser Ahmadi


There are multiple websites that review all Node.js frameworks, and each framework has multiple advantages and disadvantages. but never of them don not illustrate which framework is good for microservice.

I have contributed to multiple projects as a backend developer and worked with various Node.js frameworks (Express, NestJS, Adonis.JS, and Fastify).

Take a look at this article for the importance and position of microservice architecture:

Comparing Software projects with Civil projects for gaining deep knowledge about Microservices

So I am going to share my experiences with you that why I choose the NestJs framework as the backend framework if the stack of the services project is Node.js.

1- The popularity of NestJs framework

how can do detect the popularity of frameworks?

  • GitHub (Stars, Contributors, number of issues, etc)